Michele Luminato- Mini Reflections 2

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Michele is an American born contemporary painter living in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two kids (married an Aussie mate). She been a creative maker since before she can remember. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from PNCA in Portland, Oregon (USA). Prior to starting her painting practice she worked in the design industry for international giants such as Nike, and Imagination, and had her own hand screen printed stationery company. She believes she has been very blessed to live a full creative life helping create thousands of successful products and designing for premium companies. Fate had other plans for Michele.

She started painting in 2014 to heal her soul after the sudden passing of her father. It was a pivotal moment for Michele and she found an expressive outlet and can not let go. She uses painting to explore life experiences using intuitive techniques combined with mixed media.

She worked hard to merge her love for design and fine art. Michele truly values one-of-a-kind unique pieces of art and the pure joy of exploration and discovery. She is prolific in her process and closely edits what goes out the door.

Creating and collecting art is one of the best ways to express ourselves. The ultimate form of self expression. .

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