Keep your cards secure with the iconic Secrid Mini Wallet. Compact in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity, choosing a Netherlands-made Secrid wallet is the best decision you'll make.

The patented mechanism comes with a 3-year guarantee and slides your cards out in one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The anodised aluminium cardholder prevents bending and RFID or PayPass thefts. In today's technological world, it's important to protect yourself from theft and fraud; Secrid wallets can help you do just that.

The aluminium cardholder can hold up to 6 cards, with an additional 4-6 card slots available in the leather body. Also included is a handy spot for notes, receipts or more cards. The cardholder mechanism separates each card slightly to prevent scratches, rubbing and damage to chips and magnetic strips.

The stunning genuine leather outer is available in a range of timeless colours. With one click, all your cards will fan out so you’ll be able to see them all at once. With a wide variety of styles and colours available, there is a Secrid wallet for every pocket!

With Secrid, security now comes with style!



  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Anodised aluminium cardholder
  • Genuine leather body
  • Cardholder holds 4-6 cards
  • Leather body holds another 4-6 cards, notes and receipts
  • Protects cards against unwanted RFID technology
  • Cardholder slightly separates cards, preventing chip and strip damage
  • Simply flick bottom button to fan out your cards and easily choose one
  • Cardholder comes with 2-year warranty, extended to 3 years when you register with Secrid
  • Also available in Twin Wallet size



10 x 6.5 x 2 cm; 72.6g

Secrid Wallet -Matte Purple

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